Monday, 3 February 2014

So long since I put something on here and so much has happend Celtic Spirit is now down South in Gibraltar and has been since May 2013 it was a great trip only stopping twice one in Porto and then in Lagos in Portugal.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Round the Island Race 2011

25th June 2011 and its 05.00 the wind is whistling through the shrouds and i'm sure that's water on the decks, but the crew is up, the bacon is on, and we are finally here, the morning of our first race, and it blowing a hoolie! so as we join the blue group in the holding area the second Mayday crackles over the radio, the 07.10 start is counted down and were off a beet down to the needles and then with the wind and waves behind us we surf broaching several times till the far corner of the island, its now 12.30 and sandwiches and flute cake are served as we continue to battle wind and waves the Bembridge cardinal, this is our turning point and its just the final run back up the east side, so 9 hrs. 7 mins and 43 seconds and we are finish and I mean FINISHED! but I would not have missed this for a moment, and before you even think of asking, 30th June 2012 I have already checked!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Newbury Cruise 2011

Early start from Portsmouth mainly due to the risk of grounding not being able to leave on time for the cross channel tides but some 13 hrs later we are entering the east side of Cherbourg, time to go up the mast and maybe do some running repairs but the fore-stay is coming unravelled. two days here and then off to the Alderney race but due to for once to much speed we are here far to early and have to tack around the top of the island and Wait

Guernsey Harbour was our second port of call and once we got used to putting to ground yet again life was just great Here. a trip to Hurm and the NYC club dinner in the sailing club and yes finally I got that steak!!

West Country cruise

The Royal wedding was a great excuse to go cruising so off to the west country with Selko,
we started with a night at anchor in Studland bay and then moved on to the new marina in Portland, followed by a very early start to go round Portland Bill on route to Dartmouth, then two nights in Salcombe on a buoy and return journey taking in Torquay, Weymouth, Lyimington and finally back to Swanwick ten days later.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Copper Bottom

Well she is back out and has been copper coated so with luck this will be the last anti fouling for the next ten years!! I used a company called Reactive Resins as they were so much better value than all the others. so here on the hard she will stay till the 21st April the only bits left to do are the pads and Kevin my new discovery will be doing them next week and he will also be helping me do the topsides and the deck on the 24th. so roll on Easter!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bunny ears

Well at last the ears have been fitted and the new sail tested with Chris Horseman, It was a crisp days sailing but fun for the time of year just two more weekends and then she is ashore for the removal of the old anti foul and on with the copper coat,
with luck and good weather she will be launched just in time for the Easter break.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A summers sailing

Well been sailing to much to keep this up but think its about time for a recap!
a number of people have sailed this summer and it has always been fun an old school friend Chris Horseman came on, and after his adventures this must have seemed very tame, but a great day was had and I look forward to him and with luck his family coming on again. Andy and I managed two extended cruses one to the west and one to Brighton. both I will cover a little more in their own posts, but to all who did sail I hope you enjoyed you day or days and I look forward to seeing you in the yard over the winter! (OK only joking)